XCOM: Chimera Squad Is "Neither A Sequel Or Expansion," Says Dev

XCOM: Chimera Squad Is "Neither A Sequel Or Expansion," Says Dev

Though XCOM: Chimera Squad takes place in the identical universe as XCOM 2, the spinoff was not designed as a sequel or growth to its predecessor.

Following a shock announcement that XCOM: Chimera Squad, a standalone spinoff that takes place after the occasions of XCOM 2, would launch subsequent theyek, developer Firaxis revealed extra particulars concerning the upcoming tactics-based game. Namely that Chimera Squad was not designed to be a direct sequel or growth, however as an entry level for brand new gamers.
“[XCOM: Chimera Squad] is neither a sequel or expansion to XCOM 2, though its story is set after the events of the past games,” a Firaxis spokesperson stated, in an interview with USgamer. “As reflected in our pricing, they’re lotheyring the barriers of entry to the game and making it easier for fans new and old to check out XCOM: Chimera Squad.”
Chimera Squad makes a number of large modifications to the franchise’s conventional system. One of the extra noticeable changes is having a set squad, a change that Firaxis believes is a pure course for the collection. “The decision to move toward having unique agents in XCOM: Chimera Squad was partly driven by some of the choices they made in the War of the Chosen expansion for XCOM 2, where you had characters with distinct personalities like the Chosen, Elena Dragunova, and Pratal Mox,” the developer stated. “Having your full squad composed of unique characters with unique abilities felt like a natural evolution of those decisions.”
XCOM: Chimera Squad is scheduled to launch for PC on April 24. Firaxis has stated that there are “no current plans” to port the game to consoles. The game can be out there on sale for $10 USD at launch–returning to its unique retail pricing of $20 USD on May 1.

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