The Resident Evil 3 Remake Is Better With 500% Facial Animations

The Resident Evil 3 Remake Is Better With 500% Facial Animations

YouTuber DPO23 is again, proving that the human characters of Resident Evil Three are scarier than the monsters can ever be.

Coming again from a 5 month break, 500% legend DPO23 is right here to spoil the Resident Evil Three remake for all of us (or make it higher, relying on the way you take a look at it.) After giving final 12 months’s Resident Evil 2 remake the identical therapy in a sequence of horrifying movies, DPO23 is again with the sequel.
With DPO23’s exaggerated facial features movies going again over two years (having originated with all the wonderful meme materials of Heavy Rain), the gimmick in some way by no means will get outdated.
In a game like Resident Evil 3, the mods dramatically change the tone of its tense, darkish scenes–though maybe it might be a great way for folks to expertise the game if they’d usually be too scared to play.
GameSpot’s assessment of the Resident Evil Three remake (with a traditional stage of facial expressions) stated, “RE3 struggles to keep up with its pace amid a clashing of elements from survival horror and standard action. While it has a strong start and gives its principal villain some great moments, this truncated retelling of the concluding game from the original Resident Evil trilogy doesn’t do it proper justice.”

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