The Marvel's Avengers Beta's Best Mission Is A Secret

The Marvel039s Avengers Beta039s Best Mission Is A Secret

The beta for Marvel’s Avengers is now out there for PlayStation four gamers who preordered the game, and it is fairly expansive–it covers an early portion of the game’s single-player story, features a bunch of multiplayer missions, and provides you an opportunity to tackle the roles of 4 completely different Avengers. But it additionally has some secrets and techniques combined in, together with a hard-to-find hidden mission that represents the very best tackle Avengers’ multiplayer to date.

The hidden mission is a War Zone set within the Snowy Tundra space of Siberia, which you may go to throughout the story portion of the beta while you play as Kamala Khan and the Incredible Hulk. In that mission, your job is to discover a secret SHIELD bunker that is been hidden away from the enemy forces of AIM. After you end that mission, Snowy Tundra is not accessible out of your War Table map the place you choose missions. But you may return to the placement for a brand new War Zone, offered you discover a hidden SHIELD cache in one other mission.

When you come back to the Snowy Tundra, you may go after a secret SHIELD vault that is filled with high-powered gear and sources. The distinction is, this SHIELD vault is gigantic, and requires you to unravel a puzzle to open it whereas defending the placement from enemies. The Snowy Tundra space can also be one of many largest within the game, in keeping with Crystal Dynamics, so exploring it’s fairly enjoyable by itself.

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