The Detailed, Complex System Behind Breaking Glass In The Last Of Us 2

The Detailed Complex System Behind Breaking Glass In The Last

Often in a video game it may be the smallest of particulars that make the largest impacts on the participant expertise. The means a gun feels satisfying to shoot due to small recoil animations or delicately balanced sound results. The feeling of weight as a personality strikes on account of exactly calculated animations reacting to your diversified levels of enter. It’s not unusual for Naughty Dog to be included in conversations about such parts, with the studio packing in extraordinarily excessive ranges of particulars into each their worlds and characters. But in The Last of Us Part II, one impact and its reputation with gamers took even the studio without warning.

There are so many little particulars to Naughty Dog’s sequel that carry the dreary world to life, however none stand out extra prominently than its deeply satisfying glass-breaking mechanics. Whether you are shattering the show window of a derelict bookstore or utilizing your elbow to interrupt by means of a weapon show case, there is a tangible sense of pleasure that follows by means of with every motion. It’s tough to pin down one purpose for it although. Perhaps it is the dynamic nature of the cracking and the best way items of glass stay reactive as soon as they’re scattered on the ground. Maybe it is the best way it forces you to consider puzzles, supplying you with avenues to pursue options in ways in which different video games may limit you. It may simply be sensory, too, with the correct amount of vibration accompanying the crunchy sound of the glass fracturing. Developers at Naughty Dog did not simply concentrate on any one in every of these features, however as an alternative sought to create a system in contrast to any they’d performed with earlier than.

John Wick: Chapter 2

“I liked the glass breaking in the movie John Wick,” Jesse Garcia, a sound designer at Naughty Dog, defined. “You hear a nice explosive impact along with the glass layers. After that, a very nice, subtle glass debris rolls on the ground. This extra layer of detail gave not only the feeling of breaking glass but also the consequence that there is now glass all over the ground. This type of storytelling was exactly what we set out to achieve.”

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