StayHome: Best Free Online Data Science Courses to Upskill Yourself during COVID-19 By : greyatom – Free Course

Free onlinecourses GreyAtom

StayHome: Best Free Online Data Science Courses to Upskill Yourself throughout COVID-19

  • Free online Data Science programs with actual initiatives
  • Get verified certificatesfor every free course; share on Linkedin with friends
  • Grow your ability set withself-paced studying

You can begin and end any of those online programs throughout the lockdown, fully free. We advocate doing all of them.

Data Science for Beginners

Start your self-learning journey into the world of Data Science with 7500+ minutes of studying, and 20+ initiatives.

Career Prep Bootcamp

Build a Data Science resume, optimise your LinkedIn profile, and crack interviews with mock periods and far more in 500+ minutes of sensible studying.

Python for Data Science

Kickstart your studying of Data Science and programming with this primer on Python. 2000+ minutes of studying, and 5+ programming initiatives.

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