Sky: Children Of Light On Switch Is The Latest Game Delayed By COVID-19

Sky Children Of Light On Switch Is The Latest Game

Sky: Children of Light on Switch has been delayed. The game, which first got here to iOS in 2019 and launched on Android this 12 months, will come to Switch in 2021. Nintendo followers must wait a bit longer for Apple’s 2019 Game of the Year.

The game, which was downloaded 20 million instances in its first 12 months, is the newest game by Journey developer thatgamecompany. On the game’s website, the studio has introduced that the game has been delayed for a similar cause so many issues have slipped or been cancelled this year–COVID-19.

“Since March, our studio has taken safe measures to ensure all of our team members stay healthy–emotionally, physically, and free from COVID,” the submit reads. “Through the pandemic, we’ve done our best to release Sky on Android, manage a live game, and launch two new adventure seasons too.”

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