SDN startup Lumina Networks closes shop, citing Covid-19 impact

SDN startup Lumina Networks closes shop citing Covid 19 impact

Lumina Networks, a startup spun-off from the acquisition and splintering of Brocade in 2017, is shutting down, citing delays in buyer deployments due partly to Covid-19, which starved it for money. The firm had raised $14 million in enterprise capital, together with investments from AT&T and Verizon, but it surely wasn’t sufficient.

Lumina Networks offered an open source-based SDN controller, referred to as the Lumina SDN Controller, which was previously the Brocade SDN Controller and energy by the OpenDaylight expertise. Lumina’s declare to fame was that the SDN Controller might handle each the bodily and digital from the identical platform.

Lumina says the OpenDaylight SDN controller has three elements: a central Service Abstraction layer that normalizes all knowledge change by way of YANG; a “southbound” number of management interfaces that hook up with frequent switches and routers utilizing protocols equivalent to NETCONF, OpenFlow, BGP/PCEP, and OVSDB; and a “northbound” API aimed toward supporting functions utilizing RESTCONF.

This structure permits the controller to allow software-defined networking by abstracting and normalizing the interface to a wide range of network units and offering telemetry for closed-loop automation.

The firm sounded somewhat bitter in asserting its shutdown, though it’s exhausting to fault them. “Essentially, revenue continued to flow to proprietary vendors. The switch to open source did not take place at a pace anywhere close to the speed that would enable us to operate and grow our business, despite commitments from many to the contrary. We have also found that COVID-19 has actually redirected funds away from automation projects and into building-out raw infrastructure, further delaying adoption,” the assertion learn.

“Selling Lumina to a proprietary vendor who is naturally antithetical to our mission proved an impossible task and for this reason we must now close our business,” it concluded.

Some of the work accomplished on the controller shall be accessible as open supply by means of the OpenDaylight Project.

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