Looks like Nvidia is cooking up a new DGX deep-learning system

Looks like Nvidia is cooking up a new DGX deep learning

Jensen Huang, Breaking Bad Edition.

Earlier at present, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang dropped a video on YouTube titled “What’s Jensen been cooking?”

Luckily, this does not seem like a Breaking Bad state of affairs—Huang opens his oven to disclose a big motherboard with 14 huge heatsinks on it, and with noticeable effort, he lifts it out of the oven and locations it on the kitchen counter.

The teaser is offered with out remark—aside from “the world’s largest graphics card, fresh out of the oven”—however the machine seems to be like a successor to 2018’s Volta-based DGX-2 deep-learning system, packing eight of no matter GPUs are to succeed the Tesla v100, just a few Xeon CPUs, and an Nvidia Nvswitch scalable interconnect to tie the entire thing collectively.

We ought to discover out extra concerning the new system throughout Huang’s keynote at Nvidia’s digital GPU Technology convention, scheduled for broadcast on YouTube Thursday at 9am ET.

Listing picture by Nvidia

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