[Free Paid App] Modern Ludo for iPhone

Free Paid App Modern Ludo for iPhone

Unlike conventional Ludo (Aeroplane / Flying Chess), Modern Ludo modifies the game rule to make its appropriate of cell system and extra excited. And additionally it supplies final graphical impact, makes Ludo game extra humorous.

Use your bullet to destroy all enemies! Watch out! Don’t circulation (6) Three occasions.

Game rule:
1. Flow the cube to determine the play sequence
2. Flow even quantity to come up your airplane, such quantity 2 rise 1 airplane, quantity Four rise 2 airplanes, and quantity 6 rise Three airplanes.
3. Each time solely permit to maneuver 1 airplane.
4. When airplane strikes to identical coloration, you may soar.
5. When airplane strikes to the fly path with identical coloration, it could possibly fly.
6. When airplane strikes to a sq., however this sq. have an enemy airplanes. It will intercept enemy and destroy enemy airplane.
7. Airplane can intercept any variety of enemy airplanes. So you should use one airplane to destroy as much as Four enemy airplanes.
8. All of be intercepted airplanes will return to airport.
9. When Four airplanes arrive middle, he’ll win the game.
10. When participant flowed quantity 6, the participant will acquire one bonus flip. But when he flows quantity 6 thrice, all of his airplanes will likely be destroyed and return to airport.

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