[Free Paid App] Dungeon Survival for iPhone

Free Paid App Dungeon Survival for iPhone


[*] Game Features[*]
·Randomly generated cave ranges present a distinct game expertise each time![*]
·Hundreds of monsters to defeat![*]
·Hundreds of apparatus to gather![*]
·Hundreds of quests and achievements to overcome![*]
·Enchant/Reform/Level up/Gold accumulating, and extra considerable methods to discover!

[*] Background Story[*]
The story units in Black Haze-a border metropolis that’s famend for wealthy minerals. Good and evil are entwined one another, forming a fragile steadiness. Following the mysterious disappearance of the previous lord, the delicate steadiness of this metropolis is lastly damaged. And you, Royde, is chosen by the king to take over the lacking lord’s management in Black Haze City and to research the accident totally.

[*] Classes & Battle[*]
– 9 lessons with four distinctive expertise every. Wanna have a staff of melee fighters? Healers? Or reapers? You can create them at will.[*]
– Turn-based game plus entrance and rear row formation to allow you to make methods correctly.[*]
– Unique hero traits. Heroes might type unhealthy habits and even run away from residence. Take excellent care of them if you find yourself not engaged in battle.

[*] Monsters & Maps[*]
– Hybrid of story ranges and random maps. You can observe the game’s plot, discover the story, or just combating enemies.[*]
– There aren’t any brainless monsters, they’ve quite a lot of expertise and comprise completely different talents (similar to Drain Blood, Sacrifice, Quickness, Wild Fury, Reflect Damage, Stone Skin, Eternal Life…) They will crush your staff fully should you underestimate them.[*]
– You will encounter random uncommon elite monsters and hidden boss monsters. If you dare to problem, it is possible for you to to gather all kinds of uncommon treasures and units.




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