[Free Paid App] Crypto Helper for Android

Free Paid App Crypto Helper for Android

Extremely quick and extremely safe encryption software that can be utilized as a second layer over any current or future utility. The easy design doesn’t save any information that can be utilized in opposition to your safety, when you give up the app, all information you don’t need in clear textual content might be deleted. There aren’t any identified assaults in opposition to the app or it is algorithm. More options are added as quickly as I confirm their safety. I designed the app to be so safe that even safety minded folks would really feel secure utilizing it, and I’ve succeeded.

Current options:
Customized algorithm with one time pad layer
Custom key enhancing 512 bit hash making keys safer with no risk of collisions
Frequency evaluation web page that tells you what number of of every character are used
Optional “Noise injector” which injects random noise to additional confuse attackers and defeat frequency evaluation primarily based atacks
Optional Hexadecimal encoder for forwards compatibility with characters not discovered on most keyboards (accents, emoji, and many others)
Random key generator

More options are in testing:
AES128 and AES256 layers
RSA and SSL primarily based public key encryption
File and folder encryption
Key file help
NFC / Bluetooth key sharing
UI tweaks
Performance boosts simply to see how briskly and safe this may be made
Quantum computer proof layers for all future ciphers
Custom character tables
Data compression layer

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