[Free Course] The Complete Selenium WebDriver with Java Course

Free Course The Complete Selenium WebDriver with Java Course

This course covers Selenium WebDriver and Java matters intimately from primary to superior ranges. So, in the event you don’t have prior data of Java, then you possibly can start with Java Modules. Start going via ‘Selenium WebDriver’ movies after you develop some fluency in Java. Remember, you don’t have to undergo all classes of Java Course earlier than beginning with Selenium WebDriver (as a result of it’s an in-depth course on Java and can take some time to complete). First 6 Sections of Java must be adequate to get you prepared for studying Selenium WebDriver.

I imagine in example-oriented instructing. So, you gained’t discover any PPTs throughout the classes. But, you can find dozens of actual time situations used to elaborate Java and Selenium WebDriver ideas.

Feel free to put up your questions/suggestions within the block offered underneath every session-video. I’ll ensure that all your queries are addressed. ‘Course Outline’ beneath provides you with an concept concerning the depth and the general protection of this course. If you need to be taught another Selenium WebDriver idea – which isn’t already lined on this course – then be happy to let me know by way of Udemy messenger.

Course Outline:

Java Basics

  1. JDK 10 and Eclipse Installation

  2. Hello World Java Program

  3. Primitive Data Types in Java

  4. ‘var’ key phrase in Java 10

  5. Arithmetic Operators in Java

  6. Logical and Bitwise Operators in Java

  7. Relational Operators in Java

  8. If – Condition in Java

  9. Nested If – Condition in Java

  10. For Loop in Java

  11. Hands-On Exercises on ‘For Loop’

  12. Nested For Loop in Java

  13. Hands-On Exercises on ‘Nested For Loop’

  14. ‘While’ & ‘Do While’ Loop in Java

  15. Loop ‘Break’ & ‘Continue’ Statements in Java

  16. String Basics in Java

  17. String Comparison Operations in Java

  18. String Search Operations in Java

  19. String (Cut) Slice Operations in Java

  20. String Replace Operations in Java

  21. String Conversion Operations in Java

Object Oriented Programing (OOPS) in Java

  1. Concept of Classes and Objects in Java

  2. Hands on workout routines on Class and Object

  3. Methods in Java

  4. Method Overloading in Java

  5. Access Specifiers (Access Modifiers) in Java

  6. Constructor in Java

  7. Data Encapsulation in Java

  8. Static Keyword in Java

  9. Concept of Main Method in Java

  10. Class and Object Advanced Exercises

  11. Class Inheritance in Java

  12. Method Overriding in Java

  13. Polymorphism in Java

  14. Super Keyword in Java

  15. Super Class Constructor in Java

  16. Protected Access in Java

  17. Abstraction in Java

  18. Interfaces in Java (Java Interface)

  19. Final Keyword in Java

Data Structures in Java

  1. Arrays in Java

  2. Array Object in Java

  3. Enhanced (Modified) For Loop for Array Iteration in Java

  4. Hands-on Exercises on Array in Java

  5. 2-Dimensional Arrays in Java

  6. Hands-on Exercise on 2D Arrays in Java

  7. Array of Object in Java

  8. Array List in Java (ArrayList)

  9. Structure of ArrayList in Java

  10. Linked List in Java (LinkedList)

  11. ArrayList vs LinkedList in Java

  12. List Iterator in Java

  13. Hash Set in Java

  14. Linked Hash Set in Java

  15. Tree Set in Java

  16. Iterating on Set in Java

  17. Hash Map in Java

  18. Tree Map in Java

  19. Iterating Over Maps in Java

Regular Expressions in Java

  1. Introduction to RegEx in Java

  2. Quantifiers in Regular Expressions

  3. Character Classes in Regular Expressions

  4. Bracket Expressions

  5. OR Operator in RegEX

  6. DOT Operator in RegEX

  7. Greedy and Lazy Matching

  8. Hands-on Exercises on Regular Expressions

  9. Regularizing Number Ranges

Exception Handling in Java

  1. What is an Exception in Java?

  2. Error vs Exception in Java

  3. Checked and Unchecked Exceptions in Java

  4. Throws Declaration in Java

  5. Try and Catch Block (Exception Handling) in Java

  6. ‘Finally’ Block in Java

Date and Time Operations (Revised in Java 8)

  1. Local Date and Time Operations in Java

  2. Custom Date and Time Operations in Java

  3. Future and Past Date Operations in Java

  4. Future and Past Time Operations in Java

  5. Date Difference Calculation in Java

  6. Time Difference Calculation in Java

  7. DateTime Formatter in Java

Special Classes in Java

  1. Math Class in Java

  2. StringBuilder Class in Java

  3. StringBuilder Methods in Java

  4. Scanner Class in Java

  5. Random Class (for creating random numbers) in Java

  6. UUID Class in Java (for creating universally distinctive string IDs)

Working with File System in Java

  1. How to Read a Text File in Java?

  2. Apache Commons IO

  3. How to Edit a Text File in Java?

  4. Hands on Exercises with Text Files in Java

  5. Copy and Move (Rename) a Text File in Java

  6. Apache POI Setup

  7. Reading Excel Data in Java

  8. Read Excel Data right into a 2 D Array in Java

  9. Write Data in Excel Sheet in Java

  10. Interview Questions

Selenium WebDriver Basics

  1. Selenium WebDriver Architecture

  2. Selenium WebDriver Installation and Setup utilizing Apache Maven

  3. Chrome Driver Installation and Setup

  4. Firefox (Gecko) Driver Installation and Setup

  5. Automating Browser Navigation (Back, Forward, Refresh, NavigateTo)

  6. Get Page Basic Details (URL, Title and so forth)

Basics of Element Locating Strategy in Selenium WebDriver

  1. HTML Basics

  2. Inspecting Web Elements

  3. Find Elements By ID and Link Text in Selenium WebDriver

  4. Find Elements By Name and Class

Locating Elements utilizing XPath in Selenium WebDriver

  1. Installing ChroPath for Chrome

  2. Creating XPath Using Attributes

  3. XPath for Dynamic Elements

  4. XPath Using Parent – Child Relationship

  5. XPath Using Ancestor – Descendant Relationship

  6. XPath Using Preceding – Following Relationship

  7. Absolute XPath Vs Relative XPath

Locating Elements utilizing CSS Selectors in Selenium WebDriver

  1. What is CSS and CSS Selectors?

  2. Create CSS Selectors Using Attributes

  3. CSS Selectors for Dynamic Elements

  4. Create CSS Selectors Using Multiple Attributes

  5. Advance CSS Selectors

  6. Creating CSS Selectors Using Child-Node Numbering

Working with Element Collections in Selenium WebDriver

  1. How to Retrieve a Collection of Web Elements in Selenium WebDriver?

  2. Handling Web Elements Collection in Selenium WebDriver

  3. Visible vs Hidden Web Elements in Selenium WebDriver

  4. Web Elements Within Another Web Element in Selenium WebDriver

Web Page Data Extraction for Test Validation in Selenium WebDriver

  1. Extracting Basic Page Details in Selenium WebDriver

  2. Extracting CSS Details in Selenium WebDriver

  3. How to Verify Element Visible and Enabled?

  4. How to Verify Element Exists in Selenium WebDriver?

  5. How to Verify Element Selected in Selenium WebDriver?

Automating Special WebElements (SelectBoxes, DatePickers, WebTables)

  1. Working with Select-Boxes in Selenium WebDriver

  2. Working with MultiSelect-Boxes in Selenium WebDriver

  3. Automating Date-Picker (Calendar) in Selenium WebDriver

  4. Working with WebTables in Selenium WebDriver

  5. Handling the Objects Within WebDesk Cells in Selenium WebDriver

Automating Browser Popups utilizing Selenium WebDriver

  1. Handling Browser Popup Window in Selenium WebDriver

  2. Working with Multiple Browser Windows in Selenium WebDriver

  3. Close All Browser Popup Windows in Selenium WebDriver

  4. Browser Close vs Quit in Selenium WebDriver

Automating iFrames utilizing Selenium WebDriver

  1. Automating iFrames utilizing Selenium WebDriver

  2. Automating Nested iFrames utilizing Selenium WebDriver

Automating JavaScript Alerts utilizing Selenium WebDriver

  1. Handling JavaScript Basic Alert Box utilizing Selenium WebDriver

  2. Handling JavaScript Confirmation Box utilizing Selenium WebDriver

  3. Handling JavaScript Prompt Box utilizing Selenium WebDriver

Automating Mouse Actions (Drag & Drop, Mouse Hover, Click & Hold and so forth)

  1. Automating Mouse Hover Action utilizing Selenium WebDriver

  2. Automating Right Click Action utilizing Selenium WebDriver

  3. Automating Drag and Drop Action utilizing Selenium WebDriver

  4. Resizing UI Elements utilizing Selenium WebDriver

  5. Automating Sliders utilizing Selenium WebDriver

  6. Automating Multi-Key Operations utilizing Selenium WebDriver

Test Synchronization in Selenium WebDriver

  1. What is Test Synchronization?

  2. Implicit Wait in Selenium WebDriver

  3. Explicit Wait in Selenium WebDriver

TestNG Framework

  1. Installing TestNG

  2. Automating Basic Tests in TestNG

  3. Assertions in TestNG

  4. Hard vs Soft Assertions in TestNG

  5. Earlier thanMethod and AfterMethod Annotations

  6. Earlier thanClass and AfterClass Annotations

  7. Managing Test Execution Using TestNG XML Files

  8. Include and Exclude Methods in XML File

  9. Earlier thanTest and AfterTest Annotations

  10. BeforeSuite and AfterSuite Annotations

  11. TestNG Groups

  12. TestNG Parameters

  13. Managing Test Dependencies in TestNG

  14. Ignoring Test Methods in TestNG

  15. Parallel Execution in TestNG

  16. TestNG HTML Reports

  17. Data Provider in TestNG

Creating Automation Framework from Scratch utilizing Page Object Model and WebElements Page Factory

  1. What is Page Factory?

  2. Elements Collection (List) in Page Factory

  3. Initializing Page Factory Elements

  4. Page Object Model Design

  5. Creating Base Page Class

  6. Creating Page Library

  7. Creating Flow Library

Course Outline Ends…..

**I can be updating extra matters to this define as per altering tendencies in expertise**

This course is designed for you if you’re:

  • a QE Automation Engineer OR

  • a Selenium WebDriver automation aspirant OR

  • a guide testing skilled keen to leap begin your automation service OR

  • a QTP/UFT skilled wanting to change to Selenium as per testing market demand OR

  • a QE Manager exploring higher automation options in your mission OR

  • a contemporary grad trying to be taught a fast new talent which has excessive demand within the job market OR

  • aspiring to be taught coding and automation

Training program necessities/conditions:

  • No prior coding expertise required. Java programing from scratch is roofed within the course.

  • Participants have to have a Windows 10 PC OR a MacBook with Eight GB (or extra) reminiscence to carry out palms on workout routines.

To get the utmost profit from the course, please check out following steps explaining ‘How to take this course?’

Step 1:  Schedule 30-45 minutes of your time day by day for five days per week. ‘Continuity’ is the important thing.

Step 2:  All classes are divided in small movies of lower than 20 minutes. Watch 2-Three movies day by day.

Step 3:  Hands-on train is essential. So, instantly check out the applications mentioned within the session. Try them in your gained. You can obtain these applications from lecture sources.

Step 4: Assignments with reply keys are offered where-ever mandatory. Complete the assignments earlier than leaping on to the subsequent classes.

Step 5:  If you come throughout any questions or points, please be happy to contact me and I’ll guarantee that your queries are resolved.

Wish you all a really blissful studying.

Note: All the course movies are in Quad HD. For the very best video streaming high quality, please alter the decision from ‘settings’ at backside right-hand nook of video participant. Choose 1080p or 720p as per your network velocity.

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