Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Where To Find Every Music Disc

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Where To Find Every Music Disc

Get your self the “Disc Jockey” Trophy in Final Fantasy 7 Remake by monitoring down all 31 music discs hidden all through the game.

The soundtrack of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a standout, however along with the music that performs all through the game, there are additionally particular songs you may acquire as you’re employed your approach by means of Midgar. These tracks are all discovered on music discs that may be grabbed all around the metropolis and performed at jukeboxes, they usually have a few of the greatest variations of traditional FF7 tracks within the game.
There are 31 music discs scattered all through Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and whereas many are on the overwhelmed path, a number of are straightforward to overlook in out-of-the-way locations. We’ve acquired an entire rundown of the place to seek out each single music disc within the game, that will help you rock out and earn the “Disc Jockey” trophy.
We’ve acquired loads extra data in our Final Fantasy 7 Remake information rundown, which will help you discover each theyapon, secret, and collectible all through the game.
Tifa’s Theme — Check the jukebox in Seventh Heaven.
The Prelude — Purchased from Sector 7 Item Shop.
Hip Hop de Chocobo — Talk to the person close to the Pizza signal as you comply with the Shinra troops arresting Johnny in the course of the “A Job Well Done” section.
Barret’s Theme — Stop by the Item Shop on the Sector 7 practice station earlier than you board the practice.
Stamp — After reaching the gate to the rail yard, you may enter some hallways after which attain a staircase. Bypass the steps to discover a breakroom with a merchandising machine containing the disc.
Electric de Chocobo — After shutting down two sunlamps, take the gondola close to the cargo elevator to succeed in the air flow followers. Just earlier than getting into the followers, you may discover a breakroom with a merchandising machine and the disc.
Bombing Mission — Once you are by means of the Air Buster labs and have completed sabotaging the boss, you may hit a breakroom simply previous the safety room the place you may must activate levers in coordination with Tifa. The merchandising machine incorporates the disc.

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