Final Fantasy 7 Remake Walkthrough Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard (Spoiler-Free)

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Walkthrough Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard (Spoiler-Free)

Here’s every part you might want to know to finish each side-quest and discover each secret in Chapter 8.

Like Chapter three of your journey by way of Midgar in Final Fantasy 7 Remake , Chapter Eight slows down the tempo and allows you to spend a while in one other set of slums, finishing side-quests. There’s plenty of floor to cowl in Chapter Eight as you are launched to Sector 5, as theyll as a bunch of recent characters. And with so many quests flying at you, it is easy to overlook stuff.
Below, they have every part you might want to know to search out every part in Sector 5. Check out the remainder of our Final Fantasy 7 Remake guides so you do not miss a single secret or collectible. You can even learn our FF7 Remake assessment.
As quickly because the combat begins, maintain the 2 waves of Security Officers; the Triple Slash means ought to come in useful right here. Once they’re all handled, focus your consideration on Reno. You need to keep a gentle stability bettheyen pace and measured protection. Similar to Roche, this can be a duel, and you may want to dam Reno’s assaults to open him as much as your individual blows. He likes to zip at you with a splash to get behind you, then assault you from the again, so you will need to be prepared to protect when he closes the hole.
Reno will be simply damage with some theyll-timed Punisher Mode counter-attacks, however any block of his electro baton will open him up so that you can strike again. You need to make sure you block him, as a result of the baton will not simply damage you, it’s going to stun you, too. If you’ve got obtained sufficient ATB stocked, comply with up your Punish Mode assaults with a Focus Thrust to drive up Reno’s stagger much more. Just be aware of Reno’s named-attacks the place he costs at you, as they can’t be countered.
Eventually, Reno will begin to throw EM Mines at you, which can float round, arcing electrical energy bettheyen them to stun you and open you as much as assault. Run away from the mines and both nail them with magic spells or minimize in shut and slice them out of the air, however make certain you do not assault them after they’re charged with electrical energy otherwise you’ll get zapped. The EM Mines are significantly harmful towards the top of the combat, when Reno will come after you for close-range assaults whilst you’re coping with the mines, so hold your distance and even up the percentages as shortly as you’ll be able to. Keep the strain on, and you may ultimately come out of this encounter victorious.
After preventing Reno, comply with Aerith by way of the church. Go up the steps and cross to the opposite aspect of the second flooring, then take the steps all the way down to get to a chest containing a Talisman accent.
Once you are into the attic, test the alcove up on the north finish of the world to seize smelling salts out of the treasure chest. Head out onto the rooftops and stroll till you see a inexperienced metallic plate forward, the place the trail turns south; flip round and you’ll slip across the nook of the roof behind to discover a chest with a Moogle Medal.
Eventually, the trail will take you onto an previous set of prepare tracks. Turn proper to discover a chest with an ether inside.
When you hit the prepare station, head to the far finish and use the merchandising machine to purchase the Cait Sith’s Theme Music Disc.
Up forward, you will comply with Aerith onto the backstreets, then ultimately come to a gate you’ll be able to’t open. Cloud can push a close-by cargo container out of the best way, permitting you to take one other path. When you clear the best way and climb up a ladder, take the trail to the precise and cross over the walkway beneath with monkeybars. On the far aspect is a treasure chest with a Caliginous Bracelet armor inside.

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