Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide: Secret Medicine Locations

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide: Secret Medicine Locations

You want three elements to finish the “Secret Medicine” side-quest in Chapter 14 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, however their areas aren’t apparent.

Before you attain the final act of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you may discover a load of side-quests to finish in Chapter 14. Unlike earlier quests, these ones are a bit of harder to determine, with the individuals you could discuss to and the areas you could go to being rather a lot much less apparent than they’ve been previously. For the “Secret Medicine” side-quest, you truly must access a second quest to seek out every little thing you want.
We’ve run down the place to seek out all three elements for the “Secret Medicine” quest, so you possibly can full it shortly and effectively to get one of many higher quest rewards within the game. Here’s every little thing you could know.
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Talk to the physician throughout from the group heart, who will ship you to seek out herbs to make drugs. You want three gadgets, however the first is straightforward: drop by the Moogle Emporium within the Kids’ Hideout to buy the Moogle Mortar key merchandise.
Your second ingredient is positioned within the church the place Cloud and Aerith first met. Head to the practice station north and theyst of the Sector 5 Central District, then comply with the trail north to the church. Grab the Medicinal Flotheyr key merchandise rising there on the bottom.
Finally, head to Evergreen Park and discuss to Wymer to get the Subterranean Menace quest, which can take you to the underground lab. There, you may need to struggle the Behemoth Type zero miniboss.
Crawl down by means of the underground passage in Evergreen Park to achieve the lab. You’ll must struggle your method by means of it to get to the Behemoth Type zero boss on the far finish. There are some powerful fights in right here, together with a Wrath Hound just like the one you handled in a sidequest again in Episode 3, however nothing you have not confronted earlier than.
The Behemoth is a unique query. This big monster is potheyrful, harmful, and fast. Make positive you are totally healed earlier than you slip by means of the door marked with the Shinra warning tape to struggle it. First and foremost, attempt to avoid the beast’s head; it’s going to swipe at you with its claws, slam the bottom to stagger your characters, and thrash them with its horns for giant harm. You additionally usually wish to attempt to stay away from it after you get in shut for melee hits, because the Behemoth will often spin in circles to slam everyone who’s close by.
Your objective in bringing down the Behemoth is to cripple first one half of its physique, then the opposite. A great way to do that is to take over management of Barret, so you possibly can focus hearth on both its Upper Body or Lotheyr Body with quite a lot of assaults, whereas staying out of hurt’s method. Anything you throw on the Behemoth will work, though except you set loads of punishment on the Behemoth’s horns, keep away from spells–magic will set off counterattacks till the horns are destroyed.
It’s going to take loads of harm to cripple one among its physique components, however once you do handle it, shortly focus up on the opposite physique half and lay down as a lot harm as you possibly can, as fast as you possibly can. Be cautious, as a result of the Behemoth will nonetheless be able to attacking you, even when it may’t get away from you. If you possibly can cripple each side, you possibly can stagger it for some large harm.

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