Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 3 Walkthrough: Home Sweet Slum (Spoiler-Free)

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 3 Walkthrough: Home Sweet Slum (Spoiler-Free)

Complete each sidequest, discover each collectible, and seize each merchandise and theyapon alongside the best way with our walkthrough.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake expands on the unique game’s portion of the story that takes place in Midgar, rising the scope and including an entire lot extra to Final Fantasy 7’s opening hours. If you are going to cease the evil Shinra Corporation and save Midgar slums, you may want the most effective theyapons, armor, and materia you will get to your workforce alongside the best way. That’s why they’ve compiled a walkthrough that’ll enable you to discover each hidden chest, full each sidequest, and win ever boss struggle.
But the core of the Final Fantasy expertise is the story, which is why they’ve taken pains to maintain this walkthrough spoiler-free. We’ve marked out the place you could find every part it’s essential to change into as potheyrful as doable in FF7, whereas discovering each collectible and unlocking each secret.
Things will probably be fairly easy within the early portion of this chapter. Once you get an residence, go exterior and grasp a left previous Marco’s, persevering with across the nook. Take the ladder to the roof to discover a chest with a phoenix down inside.
Later, while you cease by the Item Shop, you should buy the Prelude Music Disc for the Seventh Heaven jukebox. Hold off on shopping for any materia, as you may be getting some without spending a dime in a second.
After assembly with the Neighborhood Watch, head out the door and across the nook to the east. There’s a bottle of ether within the chest there. Then proceed to Scrap Boulevard.
Find some Shinra crates within the far theyst nook of the map. There’s additionally a chest right here with two antidotes in it.
Head to the Goal marker on the map and kill the enemies there. You’ll discover Shinra crates by the cave entrance.
Go again via the cave. Look for an alcove within the center on the north wall, the place you may discover an Ice Materia on the bottom.
Return to the Neighborhood Watch, and as you observe together with directions, you may obtain Cloud’s Iron Blade theyapon. Go speak to Wymer to unlock a handful of sidequests.
Chadley is the theyird child standing subsequent to Wymer, who desires your assist creating new materia. He’ll provide the Assess Materia while you tackle the search; apply it to any enemies you struggle from right here on out. It’ll offer you worthwhile tactical info, whereas finishing this quest for Chadley. Later, he’ll offer you Battle Intel assignments with quite a lot of targets to unlock extra materia. For this one, return while you’ve analyzed two several types of enemies to purchase the Auto-Cure Materia.

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