Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 14 Walkthrough: In Search Of Hope (Spoiler-Free)

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 14 Walkthrough: In Search Of Hope (Spoiler-Free)

Chapter 14 has essentially the most side-quests and actions of any portion of Final Fantasy 7 Remake–here’s tips on how to discover each reward, collectible, and secret.

There are side-quest scattered all through Final Fantasy 7 Remake, however the biggest focus is in Chapter 14. You’ll run throughout the Midgar City slums to finish these quests, and a few of them may be fairly complicated, with their options scattered in distant corners of the game’s largest map. Keep following our walkthrough to finish each side-quest, beat each boss, find each collectible, and discover each secret.
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As you permit Aerith’s House, be sure to snag the Pedometer Materia you may see on the trail forward of you. Equip it as you stroll round and it will ultimately remodel into AP Up Materia, which lets you degree up linked materia extra shortly.
When you enter the city in Sector 5, you may have access to a bunch of latest odd jobs. Drop by the Moogle Emporium within the Kids’ Hideout to purchase the Steel Pincers theyapon for Barret.
The new model of the Whack-A-Box game you possibly can access within the Hideout is value attempting. It provides the Transference Module accent should you can take the highest rating, which fills a personality’s restrict gauge each time they use a full ATB meter.
To get the highest rating, equip Cloud’s Iron Sword, to provide the Triple Slash transfer (you solely get the strikes that include every theyapon in Whack-A-Box, not those you’ve got unlocked by means of proficiency). Your purpose right here is to maintain shifting by means of the realm, hitting the packing containers with the clock icons on them with a purpose to maintain your time up. Focus totally on 1,500-point packing containers; the smaller packing containers will eat up time for lots much less payoff typically.
When you run up towards a 1,500-point field, burn ATB fees on Triple Slash to do extra harm, and change to Punisher mode to attempt to get by means of them shortly. Two Triple Slash assaults can destroy a 1,500-point field, and at just a few factors, you may discover two collectively, and might get each with the identical set of assaults. Save your ATB for these moments to clear the large packing containers as quick as you possibly can. If you retain shifting, attacking the large packing containers, and searching for out the clock packing containers, it’s best to have greater than sufficient time to hit the 30,000-point threshold and turn out to be the champion.
Your rewards for ending are an elixir for 10,000 factors, a Crescent Moon Charm accent for 20,000 factors, and a Transference Module for 30,000 factors. You additionally get a Moogle Medal each time you compete, if you’ll want to fill up for one thing within the Moogle Emporium.
Leviathan’s talents do not have a selected ingredient, however the perfect is theyak towards Thunder magic, so deliver your finest Lightning materia and outfit your workforce. The boss itself is a troublesome battle, principally as a result of its wily and hard to hit. It’ll frequently reposition across the large battlefield, requiring your melee workforce to run round in an try and catch up. You’ll need to hit the Leviathan with as a lot Lightning as you possibly can due to this, and make use of Barret’s ranged assaults. Aim for the pinnacle at any time when you possibly can.
In the primary half of the combat, you may principally must take care of hard-hitting Leviathan assaults that require you to concentrate to positioning. Its Briny Barrage assault is a troublesome one to dodge, so it is often higher to Guard by means of it. Briny Bellow shoots a laser beam at you that hits exhausting, however should you’re fast you possibly can typically dodge clear; the Leviathan can even flip its head to stheyep the laser throughout a part of the battlefield, so should you can maintain shifting, you possibly can typically keep away from it altogether. Be cautious about staying too near the Leviathan, hotheyver, as a result of it’s going to activate its Gyre Spume space assault round itself to ship you flying.

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