Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 14 Resolution Guide: How To See Every Scene

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Why You Should Care Even If You Never Played The Original

A narrative beat in Chapter 14 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake takes under consideration a bunch of your selections as much as that point–here’s what they’re.

Note: This submit comprises spoilers for Final Fantasy 7 Remake–specifically Chapter 14 and earlier than. If you have not made it via that part of the game, they recommend you achieve this earlier than studying additional.
At a number of factors throughout Final Fantasy 7 Remake, your actions have an affect on the story. It could be a cutscene that is dependent in your efficiency, like in Chapter 4, or one which takes under consideration your selections, like in Chapter 9. But the largest factor that is affected by your selections is in Chapter 14–a second referred to as “Resolution” within the rundown of the principle state of affairs.
Unlike most different moments you possibly can change, Resolution takes an entire bunch of issues under consideration from all through the game to determine which of three totally different scenes performs throughout your model of FF7 Remake’s story. It stacks up selections from Chapter three and Chapter 8, and seemingly takes under consideration issues from Chapter 2, Chapter 9, and Chapter 10, as theyll. But they’ve found out methods to have an effect on the selection that will help you take a look at all three potential scenes–read on to see what selections to make and when to unlock each.
The Resolution scene remembers a scene from the unique Final Fantasy 7 within the Gold Saucer, the place your dialogue selections all through the game throughout that time dictated who shotheyd up for a date scene with Cloud. The scene might function Tifa or Aerith relying on who you’d proven extra favor to, however in the event you’d reacted in a sure method to each of them, you could possibly get Barret to point out up as an alternative.
Chapter 14 is comparable in that it focuses on both Tifa, Aerith, or Barret, relying on how you’ve got handled Tifa and Aerith all through the game. It’s price noting that the Resolution is not a date, however it’s a potheyrful story second for every of the three characters. In truth, it is price taking the time to see all three.
It appears an important contributing issue to the ending scene is side-quests. There are six side-quests you are able to do with Tifa in Chapter three and 6 extra with Aerith in Chapter 8, and the way a lot time you set in throughout these moments instantly impacts which scene you get. If you do all of the side-quests in each chapters, it appears the game takes different selections into consideration, and so they’re not precisely positive simply how a lot of an element these different selections are. The following information will rundown verified methods of accessing every of the three scenes, however you might find yourself with one of many three by taking a distinct method on some steps than what they have right here.
These appear to be the 2 greatest elements for getting Tifa’s scene in Chapter 14. Put the time in with Tifa (and put in much less time with Aerith) to ensure getting Tifa’s scenes.
This appears to be the one greatest selection you may make bettheyen Tifa and Aerith, so make sure you choose the girl whose scene you are on the lookout for.
As with Tifa, spending a variety of time with Aerith in Chapter Eight appears to be the large setup for her scene in Chapter 14. You’ll additionally wish to make pro-Aerith selections, hotheyver.
Picking Aerith over Tifa will assist push Aerith excessive in the event you’ve accomplished all of the side-quests so far.

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