Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 11 Walkthrough: Haunted (Spoiler-Free)

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 11 Walkthrough: Haunted (Spoiler-Free)

Make your method by way of the Train Graveyard in Chapter 11 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and discover the whole lot that is hidden with our spoiler-free information.

We’re right here to proceed guiding you thru Midgar in Final Fantasy 7 Remake with one other installment of our spoiler-free walkthrough. We’re venturing into the Sector 7 Train Graveyard in Chapter 11, a bit of the game that features some particularly helpful theyapons to search out, however that are a few of the best within the game to overlook. Keep studying under for all the main points.
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Enter the practice graveyard and move by way of the primary practice automotive. You’ll exit out into a big space with a number of enemies to kill. Go straight throughout to the east and move by way of one other practice automotive, then head south behind a cargo container to discover a chest with a Mythril Rod theyapon for Aerith.
You’ll work your method by way of a number of extra trains and yards up forward. When you attain the north finish of the realm, earlier than crossing a bridge made out of scrap, slip bettheyen two practice automobiles down a path to the theyst, the place you will discover an HP Up Materia.
Ahead is the Maintenance Facility. Once you’ll be able to transfer by way of the practice automotive on the theyst aspect, take the steps up, however ignore the signal that directs you thru the door. Instead, cross to the east and take the steps down. You’ll discover a treasure chest that accommodates a Gothic Bangle armor.
Keep shifting till you get into the constructing on the theyst aspect of the realm on the second ground. Head south and switch again east to search out one other door you’ll be able to open, which ends up in a chest with two mega-potions. At the north finish of this aspect, take the steps down, then flip again north for an additional chest with an ether.
Cross to the far aspect of the realm and take the steps again up. Check the blocked bridge simply south of the staircase for a chest with 1,000 gil inside. Heading by way of the constructing south of you results in one other chest, which accommodates a Moogle Medal. Head up the steps towards the central constructing while you’re finished to purchase the Let the Battles Begin Music Disc from the merchandising machine.
Beating the Ghoul requires you to control it, as a result of solely sure assaults will work at sure instances towards the large ghost. When it is strong, you’ll be able to hit it with melee strikes, however magic will likely be fairly ineffective. When the Ghoul turns into ghostly and lit in crimson, melee assaults lose their efficiency, so swap to magic–landing any large spells will critically drive up the Ghoul’s stagger bar, with Fire being the simplest. You’ll wish to outfit Aerith with some robust spells, however scatter a number of good materia to Tifa and Cloud as theyll, to allow them to additionally assist out when the Ghoul shifts varieties.
The Ghoul primarily likes to make use of its Telekinesis assault to suck up objects from across the room and chuck them at you. When that occurs, duck behind another particles you’ll be able to for canopy. You’ll additionally wish to be careful for the Ghoul’s slash assaults. When the Ghoul is corporeal, its slashes depart a blue line on the bottom that’ll explode to deal large injury to your staff, so remember to dodge clear. When the Ghoul is ghostly, it may well flip invisible to ambush your staff with slash assaults, so look ahead to the crimson mild that signifies the place the ghost is.
The Ghoul likes to make use of an enormous scream assault that may stun your teammates for those who’re too shut, and it has extra assaults that may afflict characters with silence. Switch shortly to assault the ghost if it stuns one among your group to interrupt its follow-ups, and hold Echo Mist available in case you get silenced.

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