Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 10 Walkthrough: Rough Waters (Spoiler-Free)

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 10 Walkthrough: Rough Waters (Spoiler-Free)

Don’t miss something within the setheyrs of Chapter 10 with our Final Fantasy 7 Remake walkthrough.

Chapter 10 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake takes you even lotheyr than the Midgar Undercity, into the setheyrs beneath. Though the part is pretty simple, that is an space the place FF7 Remake likes to cover a couple of key objects, together with new theyapons and Materia.
That’s okay, although: We’ve mapped the setheyr system to search out all the pieces price getting in Chapter 10. Read on for all the main points you could defeat the setheyrs denizens and declare their treasures.
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Abzu is a giant foe with an extended attain, however the largest hazard on this battle is poison from all of the sewage. Getting hit by sure assaults from Abzu will poison your characters, and you may wish to cope with that shortly with Antidotes or Cleanse magic, since you won’t notice how a lot harm you take from it till too late.
Abzu is theyak to Fire spells, so a pumped up Fire Materia or two is essential right here. Fire massively drives up his stagger meter whereas additionally taking him out of the battle briefly, permitting you to inflict massive harm. You’ll need Aerith wielding the Fire Materia for those who solely have one, however for those who’ve received extra, it could’t harm to get extra magic into this battle, particularly to cease a few of Abzu’s massive assaults. Primarily, you wish to focus your assaults of Abzu’s horns every time you possibly can. Crippling the horn knocks out a few of its largest water-based assaults, so the faster you are able to do that, the higher off you will be.
Early on, Abzu will use its Backwash assault, which is deadlier than it first seems. It makes bursts of sewage fly out of the brown puddles scattered arond the world, which harm and inflict poison. If your characters get hit, cope with the poison in order that the harm would not pile up. Other than that, watch out of its Ground Slam assault, which you’ll dodge once you see it coming, and its massive melee swings, which you’ll block and counterattack with Punisher mode. When Abzu jumps up onto the pipes alongside the world, it means he is about to return again down with a giant Pounce assault and pin one in all your crew. This is a superb time to nail him with Fire, which can interrupt his mauling of your teammate and go away him weak to extra harm. After a couple of seconds, he’ll flee into the water.
You cannot increase Abzu’s stagger meter with magic assaults, so reserve these for damage–instead, lay into him with melee strikes, notably with Tifa, to attempt to push his stagger meter up. More vital, although, is making an attempt to cripple Abzu’s horn, which may also divulge heart’s contents to sustained assaults.
In the subsequent section of the battle, Abzu will get Enraged and grow to be extra aggressive. It’ll leap on the pipes once more and use its Backwash Blast assault, which can spray a bunch of sewage out of one of many massive pipes on the edges of the world; when that occurs, run alongside the pipe to keep away from the flood. You’ll additionally wish to be careful for Backwash Spout, which creates water tornadoes out of the puddles on the battlefield, which can come at you quick.
Crippling Abzu’s horn will knock him out of Enrage and open him as much as assaults once more, so sustain with hitting him as a lot as you possibly can and lay down massive harm with Fire magic. Keep away from him when he readies his Triple Charge and Bash and Smash strikes, though for those who’re fast with a potheyrful spell, you’ll interrupt each. Keep your social gathering wholesome and preserve setting the boss on hearth till you are victorious.
After the battle with Abzu, flip proper down the subsequent tunnel, heading south. You’ll discover a chest with ether within the nook on the finish. You’ll subsequent run right into a Sahagin enemy; each Fire and Ice spells will shortly fill its stagger gauge, however beware its Harpoon Haul transfer, which can remodel anybody caught by it right into a toad. You can clear the impact with a Maiden’s Kiss merchandise. Once the Sahagin is useless, open the chest on the finish of the walkway on the high of the ladder to search out two hi-potions.

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