Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot's Next DLC Will Add The Super Saiyan Blue Form

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot039s Next DLC Will Add The Super

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot dipped into Dragon Ball Super and the Super Saiyan God kind in its first wave of DLC, and now it appears to be like just like the follow-up will herald Goku and Vegeta’s subsequent kind. As anticipated, A New Power Awakens – Part 2 goes to introduce the Super Saiyan Blue kind to the game.

This information comes from the Japanese journal V-Jump, as picked up on by the Dragon Ball Hype Twitter account. You can see the web page scans within the tweet under.

Siliconera has gone over these pages to unpack a number of the skills revealed, which you may have access to on this subsequent DLC pack. SSB Vegeta will be capable to use the “Ultimate Galick Gun”, an upgraded model of his huge ki blast, in addition to “Ultimate Banish,” which feels like an identical assault. His “God Speed Fist” will let Vegeta spherical up enemies and assault them unexpectedly.

SSB Goku will be capable to use an “Ultimate Big Kamehameha” assault, which is, as you would possibly anticipate, just like the common Kamehamaha wave however greater.

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