CS:GO Update: Patch Notes Show Big SG553 Nerf

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Patch Notes: Update Nerfs SG553

The newest CS:GO replace gave a giant nerf to the SG553 assault rifle.

Valve has rolled out a brand new replace in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, rebalancing and altering a number of theyapons and making ttheyaks to the game’s maps. Though no particular person CS:GO change is more likely to massively disrupt the system, the theyapon changes might shift aggressive play.
Assault rifles acquired the majority of changes within the April 10 patch. The SG553 had its fee of fireside and accuracy decreased, and the AUG’s accuracy was additionally adjusted to make it simpler whereas un-scoped and barely much less efficient whereas scoped. The M4A1-S, in the meantime, had its value decreased by $200 to $2900.
The Deagle and Tec-9 pistols theyre additionally adjusted. The Deagle’s leaping accuracy has been improved to shorten the time for restoration after touchdown, and the Tec-9’s general firing accuracy has additionally been improved. The Bizon submachine gun’s armor penetration was improved, as theyll.
Six maps theyre ttheyaked: Anubis, Inferno, Overpass, Chlorine, and Mirage. Many of the adjustments theyre small, corresponding to cleansing up a person room or fixing clipping issues, however Anubis was moved to Competitive mode and had enhance exploits eliminated.
You can discover the complete patch notes beneath. The game now has some new competitors from Riot Games’ Valorant, a first-person shooter in beta that mixes exact gunplay with hero talents.

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