Bad News: Destiny 2's The Lie Quest Is Bugged

Bad News Destiny 2039s The Lie Quest Is Bugged

After every week of gamers working collectively to finish step one of Destiny 2’s newest story quest, “The Lie,” it seems many will not be capable to end it. The final step of the search is bugged, failing to set off the mission gamers should undergo to get their reward.

Bungie confirmed the problem Sunday night time on Twitter. After finishing the opposite steps of the search, The Lie directs you to Rasputin’s bunker on the Moon to activate a mission known as “The Tyrant.” For many, beginning the search respawns you not at its begin, however close to bounty vendor Eris Morn on the Moon’s most important touchdown zone. When that occurs, there is no option to advance; you simply should stop the exercise and attempt to load it once more. As of this writing, we have tried to run the search roughly 10 occasions, to no avail.

At first, some gamers thought Bungie had launched a brand new secret puzzle into the game, just like Destiny 2’s Corridors of Time puzzle final season, and began a Reddit thread compiling details about it. Since the mission seemingly is not loading accurately for anybody proper now, it isn’t clear but if there could be extra to The Tyrant than simply one other mission.

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