Baba Is You Dev Would "Really Like To Be Fine" With Future Games Not Being As Successful

Baba Is You Dev Would "Really Like To Be Fine" With Future Games Not Being As Successful

Following up an progressive breakout indie hit will be hard–especially if you happen to’re making an attempt to take action with a extra conventional style for the indie house.

Baba is You developer Arvi Teikari is tough at work on his subsequent game, Environmental Station Alpha 2 (tentative title). But Teikari acknowledges that the sequel to Environmental Station Alpha, a 2015 metroidvania, is not more likely to obtain the identical ranges of success as Baba is You–a sentiment he is prepared to just accept.
“I’ve been trying to tell myself and remind myself that it’s extremely unlikely that whatever I do next, or whatever I do ever in my career, will be as successful as Baba Is You,” Teikari mentioned in an interview with GamesIndustry.Biz. “Unless I figure out something as novel as Baba Is You, my future games will have to be okay not being as successful. And I would really like to be fine with that.”
“ESA 2 is a very traditional metroidvania game, not one that would get people saying ‘Wow this is so innovative!'” Teikari added. “More like, ‘Oh, that is one other game within the style that already has lots of video games, not very attention-grabbing however I’d get pleasure from taking part in it.’ He hopes that he will be pleased with the important reception to ESA 2, which he predicts will likely be much less favorable than Baba is You seeing as ESA 2 is not presently as progressive.
Prior to finishing ESA 2, Teikari plans on releasing a degree editor for Baba Is You. He has no particular launch date in thoughts, although he is aiming to complete in 2020.
In the interview, Teikari admits experiencing a way of burnout following the completion of Baba is You, a game he developed completely on his personal. It’s an expertise shared by a number of different indie builders who designed video games on their own–developing a game solo will be mentally and emotionally taxing.

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