Animal Crossing Players Have Found An Ingenious Way To Play Rugby

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While you could not have touched Animal Crossing: New Horizons because you let your final batch of turnips rot, loads of gamers are nonetheless utilizing the game as a alternative for real-world actions. In this case, a bunch of gamers have discovered an fascinating method to play a game of rugby, regardless of the game’s lack of a kickable ball.

In a video by Youtuber @kaicho_beda, a participant stands in for the ball as the opposite gamers crowd round, making an attempt to push them throughout the purpose line on different aspect. The video’s poster additionally acts because the game’s commentator–similar to different movies on Tik Tok and YouTube the place they act as an “announcer” excessive of assorted scenes out of Animal Crossing.

While this model of sport is unlikely to switch any real-life leagues, it is a intelligent method to play, with the “ball” additionally capable of act as ref and because the good motion digicam. If you continue to have six associates actively taking part in the game, you can also put collectively your personal game of rugby–but why cease there? Anyone up for some hockey? Tennis? Basketball?

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