A Year Later, Control's Greatest Secret Is Finally Uncovered

A Year Later Control039s Greatest Secret Is Finally Uncovered

Note: This submit comprises some spoilers for Control and a few tiny story tidbits. If you need to uncover all of it by yourself, you would possibly need to come again after you’ve got accomplished Control and the AWE DLC.

When Control was launched, it was fascinatingly bizarre and stuffed with thriller. As we tried to battle the extra-dimensional Hiss, we realized concerning the unusual entities in control of the Federal Bureau of Control, found supernaturally Altered Items, and uncovered story tidbits linking Control to a Remedy cult basic, 2010’s Alan Wake. But the game’s best secret was hidden away in its greatest sequence, the Ashtray Maze. Listen rigorously to the track that performs there, and you could possibly hear a secret message that appeared to trace at hidden content material buried someplace inside Control.

One 12 months later to the day, Control followers have found what that secret message was all about. It did trace at hidden content–but it was content material that did not seem in Control till the discharge of its closing DLC enlargement, AWE. Discover the correct nook of the Oldest House in AWE and you will find the puzzle’s resolution, unlocking a tiny tidbit of a narrative Easter egg–and what appears to be the game’s best piece of substances.

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